Dear Teaching Peace Participant,

We are taking page from Middlebury College and Bill McKibben’s Step-It-Up campaign, which launched a citizen’s movement on global climate change awareness throughout the country last April.  This effort galvanized ordinary people to take local action against global warming.

Our vision for Teaching Peace 2008 is to ensure that peace building expands beyond the four walls of Oyster River High School, and beyond the boundaries of New Hampshire, and beyond the boundaries of New England to the entire nation, and maybe even to the world.  

Just as in a student-centered classroom where students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, we are asking you to take a leading role in orchestrating a Teaching Peace Study Circle Conversation (TPSCC) in your own community.  We hope that this decentralized approach will build a network of colleagues who are working for peace in their families, schools, workplaces and communities.

Please visit The Teaching Peace Conference website at  "" to access our suggested guidelines for a TPSCC. This year, on Saturday, April 5, 2008, instead of driving your car (buying expensive gasoline and emitting carbon), selecting workshop choices (from a way too long list), and meeting with the same 150 people who have attended our past conferences (all of whom are already dedicated to peace-making), we are creating the conditions for you to walk to town, meet new people and mingle with the non-choir. 

As a TPSCC organizer, select an activity that appeals to you and invite individuals and groups from your community base to participate.  Meet in your home, a school, or a community center and STEP UP PEACE!  

We invite you to send us pictures, a written summary of your conversation and action steps and we will post the results of your activities on our website.  Let’s get the conversation going! 

Good luck, have fun and teach peace!