Whereas, the issue of peace embraces the deepest hopes of all peoples and remains humanity's guiding inspiration; and


Whereas, global crises impel all citizens to work toward converting humanity's noblest aspirations for world peace into a practical reality for future generations,


Whereas, in 2001, the United Nations proclaimed the International Decade for the Culture of Peace (2001-2010) "devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples"; and


Whereas, “Culture of Peace” presumes that peace is a way of being, doing and living in society that can be taught, developed, and best of all, improved upon; and


Whereas, educators and community activists seek to create a Culture of Peace by teaching the principles of non-violence and the values of peace to the next generation; and


Whereas, it is important to recognize the consequences of war on human life and the environment,


Now, Therefore, I John Lynch Governor of the State of New Hampshire do hereby proclaim April 9, 2005 through April 16, 2005 as Teaching Peace Week.